HVAC Services in Arlington Heights

No matter what season it is, maintaining the right temperature indoors is essential. Proper airflow and ventilation are two of the most important parts of making sure a building is copmfortable to be in.

Kris & Darek Construction Inc. is a trusted provider of HVAC repair, maintenance and installation services in Arlington Heights. We have a long history of superior client care and service, and are highly skilled in all matters relating to HVAC.

Whether you already have an HVAC system and need routine maintenance, or you need a whole new system installed, Kris & Darek Construction Inc. is here to help.


The best way to ensure your system continues to function flawlessly is to set up a regular maintenance schedule. In doing so, any problems that may arise can be dealt with before they grow into something more significant. Not only does this save money by catching issues early, but it also saves you the trouble and cost of having your entire system replaced.

Nothing’s worse than sweltering in an office with no air conditioning, or freezing in one without any heating. Through regular maintenance, you, your family or your staff will always be comfortable whatever the season.


If your HVAC system has kicked the bucket, don’t despair. Having a new one installed doesn’t have to be a chore when you’re working with an experienced company. We will work within your budget to find the right replacement model for you, and can recommend a maintenance regime to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Heating & Cooling Systems For Businesses

If you’ve ever been inside a room that doesn’t have the right airflow, or lacks proper ventilation, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Regulating the indoor temperature is central to boosting both comfort and productivity, so if you’re a business owner it’s wise to invest in a quality HVAC system to keep your staff happy.

All of the brands we carry have strong reputations, and are backed by countless happy clients across town. If we aren’t fully confident in a particular product, we won’t stock it—it’s that simple.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation for Homes

HVAC systems aren’t just for businesses—everyone needs a way to stay comfortable year round. We carry a full range of products, including air conditioning units that fit seamlessly into any home. No matter how big or small your house is, we are sure to have the AC unit that’s right for you.

When temperatures drop, staying warm is a cinch with one of our heaters. We can provide clients with everything from in-floor heating systems to traditional furnaces. Whatever your needs are, we are committed to satisfying them.

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